Recently we wrote about human foods that are toxic to your dog, and we promised to get back to sharing common items that are dangerous for your dog. Again, we don’t do this to create fear or anxiety but to keep everyone informed. Knowledge is power, after all.

Along those lines, make sure to have your vet and, if it’s a thing in your area, your emergency vet phone numbers in your phone, but also put them somewhere visible like the refrigerator. When something is happening, it can be hard to remember what you’ve put something under — E for emergency or V for vet or the vet name?! So having it elsewhere can save time, which is vital in some of these situations.

As a sort of side note: Worrying about your dog getting into stuff they shouldn’t is a great argument for crate training that’s not just about bed time. Crate training can mean that when you’re not home, you know they are completely safe and happy. Talk about peace of mind.

common items that dangerous for your dog

On to common items that are dangerous for your dog:


Human pharmaceuticals

This includes anything and everything that is either prescribed or over the counter. It should go without saying that you should never give your dog any medication that’s not prescribed by your vet, and this includes things that seem rather innocuous like herbal supplements. If you drop any pill, find it or your dog will.

Vet prescribed pharmaceuticals

Even though they’ve been prescribed, you don’t want to let them get into these and take too much. You also never want to give another pet the prescription just because you think it worked on the first pet for whatever reason. Remember to really hide these because they are often yummy flavored and will attract your dog.

Common Chemicals


That ant trap might seem secure to you, but again, a dog can find it and though it doesn’t seem tasty, they can eat it. And even if there are no chemicals inside that are harmful, the trap itself is a choking hazard.

Cleaning products

Even if you’re buying “environmentally friendly” cleaning products, that doesn’t mean they’re safe for the environment that is your dog’s insides. Keep these out of reach and put away. Don’t leave, for example, your toilet bowl cleaner next to your toilet bowl. And watch out for products containing bleach. If you use a bleach product on your tub, for example, don’t let your dog in there.

Detergents and soaps

Anything sitting out that has a scent to it can attract your dog. Put it in a cupboard.

Car related

Watch out for anti-freezes and de-icers sitting around in your garage. The garage itself can be a real danger zone. Do an inspection and think like your dog. What can they smell (everything!) and what can they get to? (a LOT.)

Random things to look out for

  • batteries. Yep. Keep those secure where they can’t be found.
  • pennies. The trace amount of zinc is toxic.
  • cigarettes of any kind. (and on that note… gummies.)
  • be careful with your essential oils and incense.

What can you get?

It can seem overwhelming to consider all the possible dangers inside our own homes. When you’re buying products, look for “pet safe” on the label. Though not all products will be marked this way. In that case, do a reading of the ingredients and familiarize yourself with what’s safer and what’s more dangerous. A simple google search of any item that is questionable should do the trick. Or check out this website.


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