Hello. First and foremost, as the only Toller on this property, let me tell you that I am an expert on everything concerning Labrador retrievers. It’s not a choice; I have to live with them. 

They have no boundaries and will take your bones (I am talking about London ). Don’t get one if you want to go alone in another room.  They are the constant friend you didn’t know you would get and are always happy. Who needs that? Anyway. My human counterpart asked me to start an advice blog, and since I know everything there is to know about Labs, here we are.

Let’s talk about treats. Treats are essential to dogs, but Labs seem obsessed with them.  The good ones, the okay ones, and the great ones.

The Good: Adequate, quality treats are a must. Pupperonis, Beggin Strips, and Soft Cat Treats are all good in your regular everyday treat bag. These treats are suitable for standard training lessons of here, heel, and sit.

The Okay: Biscuits. Those hard tack resembling bricks left over and repurposed from revolutionary war rations are acceptable for being encouraged to go into a crate and car.  If your dog doesn’t have a discerning palate, he may enjoy them as a snack.

The Great: This treat varies by the individual’s reaction to it. When your offered joy gets the nose twitching and snuffing, and their eyes widen in pure unbridled happiness, you have reached treat nirvana. This could be but is not limited to real: Chicken, Bacon, or CHEESE ( my personal favorite). These treats are great for a high-value reward on a training lesson or associating a new experience with positivity. That’s all for today. The couch needs some company, and I have a bone that London doesn’t know about. ~ Tod, The Magnificent.

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