Bird Bank: 0                                                                 *Please keep a min. of five birds in your dog’s bird bank so we can reserve birds .


Journal Entries for Started Gun Dog:
” Josie Landry aka Crack Cookie “
Sire : Sundance’s Mister Incredible
Dam: Sundance’s Kate
DOB: 08/20/2021
Black female

Home Date: Ready to go end of October. Please email Sheryl to scedule your pick up date

What is your dog eating, How Much, and When?

Under a year old: Nutri Source Large Breed Puppy
Over a year old: Nutri Source Adult Chicken and Rice 

* Available at Tractor Supply ( online), Chewy, and Amazon.

Your dog is eating 3 cups a day, in the morning. This amount will probably change throughout your dog's lifetime.  You may need to feed more or less as your dog gets older.

Once home, if your dog doesn't eat his /hers allotted amount or picks at it for the first few days, this is normal. *Try feeding your dog in a less distracting environment or their crate.


Est. Crate and Collar Size?

Medium to Large Ruff Land Crate.

For a direct link to their website, please see our Recommendations page. If you don't like or want a Ruff Land crate, then any hard-sided plastic crate will do. We do not recommend wire crates. It is extremely important that you bring a crate for pick up. 

17 -19 inch ID collar ( please bring an ID collar with your contact information on it ) A ID collar can be fabric, leather etc.

20-22 Inch medium fine Herm Sprenger metal collar and a six-foot standard leash.

Your Dog's Favorite's Are:

Regular Treats: Pupperoni, Zukes Training Treats, Biscuits

High Value Treats : Chicken, Bacon and Cheese

Favorite Toys: Tennis Balls, Kongs, Elk and Deer Antler Chews

Preferred Petting: Ears, Belly and Back

Recommended Reading Materials and Training Videos:

Tips and Training Videos for Head Starts, Companions and Gun Dogs                                                                                                                                                                                     The Koehler Method of Dog Training ~ By Koehler
Retriever Training for the Duck Hunter ~ By Robert Milner
Retriever Hunt Test ~ By James Spencer
Training Retrievers to Handle ~ By D.L and Ann Walters
Training Retrievers: The Cotten Pershall Method~ By Bobby N. George Jr.
The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior ~ By Clarence Pfaffenberger
Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog ~ By John Paul Scott and John L Fuller
The Dog's Mind ~ By Bruce Fogle
Retriever Training Guru Style~  By Keith Mathews ( DVD)                                                 What It's Like To Be A Dog and Other Adventures in Animal Neuroscience ~ Gregory Berns                                                                                                                                         Animals in Translation ~ Temple Grandin

Information for Training, Weekend or Overnight Visits:

Our address for your GPS is:  8282 Crane Road, Cranesville Pa 16410

Pick up times are firmly M-F 1-3pm and Sat 9am-12pm by appointment only. We are closed on Sundays and Holidays. Please plan accordingly.

Nearby dog friendly places to stay 

Local dog friendly activities 


Flea, Tick, Heart Worm Prevention and Vaccination Information :

Prevention care is given on the first of each month.

We primarily use Revolution, Frontline, Sentinel, Seresto Collars, and Heartguard.

Please check with your veterinarian for recommended products for your area.

Nov 26, 2022: Working hard on ducks and pheasants while running concept marks. We have not used the ponds recently due to the ice

October 1-15 ,2022: Its always rewarding when all the little pieces come together and turns into " gun dog" work. My favorite part of the year, is this season. When the young gun dogs, start figuring out what their " job" is. It's not usually the first or second bird, but once that fourth and fifth bird falls? The pups really start to figure out what is going on. We are on the short clock now. * Please keep a minimum of five birds in your bank so we can continue to reserve them at local preseves *

September 18,2022:  Ground work, concept marks, intro to handling. * If you have purchased bird for your dog to hunt over, there will be a bird bank above to keep track of how many birds your dog is using each week. We won't be shooting birds / adding temptation for poor manners until we are running concept marks, perfectly.

September 4,2022: Intro to concept marks, delivery to hand 

The preserves are now open. If you would like to purchase pheasants for your dog to hunt over, please do so in the additional services area of the journal. A recommended minimum is 10 birds. 

 August 22, 2022: Introduction to groundwork, with some revists on the hold table if needed.  Intro to concept marks

August 19, 2022: Thank you for your patience. We are working on handling the left. right and back on the table and groundwork

July 1, 2022 : I apologize for the delay. We are working to build a new website that can better host our journal ,video and picture needs, thank you for your patience it is greatly appreciated.
We are  wrapping up force fetch , handling and delivery to hand on the table, we are moving to ground work next week or two

May 20, 2022: Force Fetch and intro to handling on the table. Going Right, Left and Back the whole 14 feet of the table

April 17, 2022 : Working on FF. We are focusing on picking up off the table with a ” fetch” command from about a few feet. Our goal will be to be at the end of the table ( 12 feet) and working from the left and right by next Friday.

April 3, 2022 : Working on hold lessons and intro to force fetch, with obedience lessons

February 19-March 19th : Apologies for the delay. we have been having intermittent website difficulties. It should be fixed now. We have completed obedience training and hold, moving on to Force Fetch, once we complete this block of training, we will begin concept marks.

February 6-18th:  Obedience and intro to hold lessons, table work

February 5th : Thank you for your patience. As many of you are aware, winter has arrived in a big way. With it comes snow, ice and delays. While keeping everyone warm and safe, we are still continuing to train. Our focus during these storms is on home etiquette and obedience, whether you have a head start puppy, companion or gun dog.  When temperatures are below 20 degrees we will be inside as much as possible, over 20 degrees and we can dig out, down at the training center.

​​Jan 1-15th: I love this little crack cookie. She is so sweet, smart and FAST! We are working on obedience and fun retrieves!

Dec 2-25th : Merry Christmas! Your dog enjoyed homemade bacon dog biscuits and chew treats early this morning.  Intro to obedience lessons, adventure walks with gunfire, crate training , riding / loading in trailers and finding hidden pheasant wings

Oct24-December 1:  into to obedience lessons : here, heel and sit. Ramps and Stairs., fun retrieves, planted pheasant wings and adventure walks with gunfire 

Oct 24th-Nov 13th: working on leash drags, sit lessons retrieving fresh killed small hen pheasants and crate training.

October 10 -23rd : Introduction to leash lessons and intro to ramps and stairs. Taking direction for place lessons on the table, group walks in the woods with gunfire

Sept 19- October 9th : Leash drags, sit lessons, adventure walks with gunfire, wing retrieves and crate training

Sept 20, 2021: At four weeks old, Josie and her littermates are just bringing into explore outside. They are eating three meals a day and being weaned from Kate.