Some may believe that tackling a cat is a bad idea. I guess it just depends on the cat you tackle. Playing with Sarah or Mary will have a different outcome than getting too close to Thunder.

Having good, sound cat experiences is excellent for young puppies. From playful kittens to enraged puffs of terror, it’s important for young pups to learn about other animals and how they ” talk.”

A  puppy may rush to play with a new four-legged creature but quickly understands that a hiss and a nose bop means ” back off, you’re being too rough.” After this lesson, they may be more cautious in approaching the next cat he sees and hopefully be more concerned with what this cat has to ” say.”

The puppies and dogs learn that the friendlier cats will involve themselves in the lessons. While typically, the cats that want to be left alone will watch, apathetically, from the sidelines.

For young puppies, like Piper and her littermates, being exposed to animals that communicate differently allows them to grow up to be well-rounded individuals.