Welcome. We are a full time family oriented breeder and trainers of exceptional Labrador Retrievers. We offer a limited number of breedings each year drawn from exclusive bloodlines, some not previously available in North America. At Sundance Retrievers we have some of the top British, Irish and American bloodlines. Our Studs are Field Trial Champions , Field Trial Winners and Master Hunters.


Through careful  breeding and selection we strive to maintain three Companion and Field lines :

The Sporting Gun Dog :  Hard charging dogs for the demanding sportsman and active family

The Classic Gun Dog:  Working dogs in the classic British  tradition, calm and biddable. A dependable partner in the field and home.

The Occasional Gun Dog:  Gentle and intelligent, for light hunting, therapy and comfort.


We work closely with our clients to select a breeding  and a puppy best suited to their needs.

Using  patience and sensitivity, we  train and develop dogs that are eager to learn and who love their work.

We offer handler coaching, enabling our clients and their dogs to forge more effective and rewarding partnerships . ​

All of our dogs  are : AKC DNA Certified; AKC Registered; OFA Eye Certified;  have a OFA Score rated  either good or excellent, and/or a PennHip of 50% and higher. 
We also test for : Centronuclear Myopathy ( CNM), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC), Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK), Progressive Retinal Atrophy ( PRA-PRCD), Progressive Rod- Cone Degeneration (PRCD), Retinal Dysplasia (DRD1), Oculoskeletal Dysplasia 1 ( OSD1) and Skeletal Dysplasia (SD2).
John Stanford
John Stanford
November 6, 2023
My wife and I have had 4 lovely rescue Labs since 1987. When our last Lab passed in Nov. 2022 we decided to make a puppy part of our family. Not knowing anything about training a puppy I searched and found that Cheryl from Sundance Retrievers, sells Started pups. After my discussions with Cheryl we signed a contract for Bessie the black lab. Cheryl gave us lots of information to prepare for our new arrival. We received images and notes about her progress. We picked her up on May 2023 and brought her home to Rhode Island. I have to say she just the sweetest well bred pup, and smart as a whip. She turns 1 year old on November and we couldn't be happier. Thank you Cheryl for turning out my little friend.
Matt Mead
Matt Mead
October 9, 2023
We have used Sundance Retrievers for both hunting/guiding and private training for our two rescue dogs. I cannot say enough good things about Sheryl and her staff. They are very kind, friendly and knowledgeable. The dogs they’ve brought to my bird hunts and duck hunts are top notch and exceed expectations with their performance, retrieving every bird that they possibly can and flushing each bird they find expertly. They are well trained dogs and would highly recommend them to everyone. For the private training Sheryl was able to get our 14 year old puppy to not only stop pulling us on the lead during walks but walk very calmly at our side and look to us for guidance on the walks. Our newest 1 year old puppy is a work in progress and she’s made incredible progress working with Sheryl. She went from being a stray who never walked on a lead, to walking perfectly at heel since working with Sheryl, I can’t wait to advance her training with Sherly and Sundance. They are a top notch organization and I would highly recommend them.
Chris Laraway
Chris Laraway
August 14, 2023
We can’t recommend Sheryl & Sundance Retrievers enough! She was incredibly insightful throughout the entire process and has shown commitment to stay engaged with us. The pups coming from Sundance carrying a tremendous pedigree and make for top notch companions. We picked Mac up 3 months ago and he has quickly become a cornerstone of our family. He is well adjusted to toddler life and is up for any adventure! A true “turn-key” dog. The responsibility is on us to ensure he stays on track with his training and temperament. If you are considering a dog from Sundance Retrievers, GO FOR IT!
Barbara Williamsen
Barbara Williamsen
June 26, 2023
My husband and I searched for several months to find a solid, dedicated and loving breeder of Labrador retrievers. We felt so fortunate to have found Sundance Retrievers in PA. Sheryl and her staff have trained beautiful lab puppies and we were blessed to have found our new companion from them. They have laid down the foundation to work from and you can be sure the basics of heel , sit , stay and stop whistle are firmly entrenched. One thing we will say is that visiting Sundance Retrievers and taking part in your puppy’s training is extremely helpful. We learned a lot from Sheryl and got to know our puppy. We brought our puppy Abby home in May and she is just a sweet, calm and well mannered puppy. We still have ongoing training work ahead of us but we are loving the journey with our new friend in our lives. My husband and I would highly recommend Sundance Retrievers to anyone interested in purchasing a beautiful well trained Labrador Retriever.
Brent Earnshaw
Brent Earnshaw
June 21, 2023
Had Roxy for 2 months now. A really sweet nice dog. Don’t think that you are not getting a pup. It’s still lots of time and work. Sheryl was great and very responsive. I must admit that given the time and money spent I thought it would be easier. These are Kennel kept dogs and much time has been spent potty training her and getting her used to living in a home. As well as obedience training. Roxy is responsive and eager to learn We are almost there. Her walking and sit commands were perfect from day 1. Here command far from good but improving.. I would recommend getting a dog from Sundance but make sure you understand you are still buying a pup and will spend lots of time and effort getting her right. 3/9/2022 Update- After several months, lots of love and care I want to write to say Roxy is just a wonderful dog and companion. So loving a very quick learner everyone loves her. She goes with me everywhere. She’s a very important part of a very busy household. Thanks Sheryl. 6/21/2023 Update- Roxy has continued to grow and amaze me. What started out a little tough has turned into a friend that never stops impressing me. It was never Roxy. It was a new Owner who needed to learn how to deal with Roxy. She has learned how to help me with a disability I have and is like a “mother hen”. She is my constant companion and she loves it. I’ve learned the training she received at Sundance was so helpful when it came to teaching her new things. Me and Roxy couldn’t be happier. Thanks again Sheryl
Ashlee Randall
Ashlee Randall
June 12, 2023
I got Hawk from Sundance Retreivers and he has been a fantastic addition to my family. He had a terrific disposition and is always trying to please. I love it that he already knows basic commands. I highly recommend Sundance Retreivers!
Christian Brooks
Christian Brooks
May 4, 2023
Best. Pup. EVER! We have had Labs ranging from free to about $1,000 for an 8-week-old. Decided to go the "started" route due to our more urban living situation part time and WHAT A DIFFERENCE the jump up in price point makes. No doubt this is the result of superior genetics but the real difference YOU will SEE in your pup is the amount of time these fine folks put into these dogs. I just THOUGHT I have had some good labs before (and I have) but none have come even close to the part of the bell curve this animal occupies. We had her driven to Austin from the kennel and we could tell Riley-Bird was special from the second she arrived. She had ZERO separation anxiety from home and settled in quickly. We CLOSELY FOLLOWED the homing guide and it was spot-on. ALSO, we employed the "language" that Sheryl and the team started her on and she knew immediately what our noises of approval or disapproval meant and conformed her behavior as best she could at seven months. Impeccable in our opinion. As other reviews have stated: if you want a turn-key finished dog then opt for that because a started dog will require more from you than you may realize - but if you have the time to put in, you'll be happy you finished her yourself (fine-tuning house-training, and other started behaviors). Using "the language" we have learned that the phrase "you can teach her anything you want" to be 100% true. All told, this is the best dog, by about a million miles, that I have ever had. I've probably got another companion dog or two in me in my life. And while I will cry big tears when Riley-Bird ends her time here - I'll be a repeat buyer. If you are one the fence - do it. Consider it an investment in happiness and self-care. We went the companion route for our own purposes but she is very at home in the field and does not shy away from a chance to take a ride or go romp around in the field/woods. And I have never seen a dog with a nose this good or one that chases a cat laser and makes the cats look like a couple of lazy bums. JUST GO FOR IT. It will be the best dogcision you ever make.

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