Do you sell puppies?

Due to high demand for our trained dogs, we no longer offer untrained puppies for sale. We accept a few deposits for Head Start puppies from each future litter. Head Start puppies go home at approximately four months of age, crate trained and introduced to obedience. Head Start Puppies are $4,500.

Where are we located?

We are located on a 200 acre private hunting preserve in Cranesville, Pennsylvania.

Is your website up to date? What is the price for a head start puppy, companion or gun dog?

Yes, the dogs and Head Start puppies that are available on the website are the ones that we have for sale.
We also try to list our upcoming breedings at least six months in advance.
The prices are listed below the litter or dog that is for sale.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

How often do you give updates of the dog's training process? What about pictures and videos?

Head Starts , Companions and Gun dogs in training each have their own private training journal located in the Client Login section of the website
Pictures and videos are posted on our Facebook page. You have the option of requesting photo shoots through the journal, if you want something other then a twice monthly training picture.

What are your visiting hours?

Pick ups or visits are by appointment only. Our pick up times are, firmly Monday through Friday 1-3Pm and Saturdays 9Am-12Pm. We are closed on Sunday and Holidays.

Are there hotels or motels near by ?

Yes, The Green Roof Inn , Courtyard Erie Bayfront, and Edinboro Lake Resort are local, pet friendly places to stay.

Do you recommend transport services to bring my dog home?

Yes, we do. We prefer driving services overflights. Here is the contact information for transport companies that we have used and recommend.
Please contact them directly for quotes or any questions about the services that they provide.

* Sundance Transport: In-house transport is provided by us. Limited range and availability. Please call Sheryl at 814-790-2643.

​* Executive Pet Transport : (678) 975-2518

*Royal Rides : Kassie Wilson, owner 1-806-759-8452, Braydon Wilson, manager 1-806-789-5341

*Blue Ridge Transport: 703-403-1398

*Lyons Pet Transport ( International) +1 (905) 320-0558

*Astrapi Pet Transport ( International) : 438-969-9111

What do you feed your dogs?

We feed our dogs and puppies Nutri Source : Adult Chicken and Rice and Large Breed Puppy. You can locate a dealer near you by checking out the “Where to Buy” on their website. You can also order the food from Tractor Supply ( online) Amazon and

What do you need to have at home, prior to picking up your dog?

An appropriately sized crate ( if you dog is flying home then he/she will have one already)
A dog bed or mat
Acme 211.5 dog whistle ( Amazon)
A leash, id collar , and a metal choke collar ( 18 inch to 21 inch depending on the size of your dog)
Kong toys and Nyla Bones
Appropriate food for your dogs age. See the question above

Do we offer Military discounts?

Please call for more details…

Can the client visit their dog?

Yes, you are encouraged to come often.

Why are our puppies so expensive?

Tests, tests and more tests. We do extensive testing on our breeding females to ensure the genetic quality of the pups we would like to have born. We also import frozen semen from other countries … all these things combined makes for an exceptionally healthy, well bred puppy.

Do we have any older or retired dogs for sale?

Not normally. Most of our puppies are pre-sold as trained dogs. This ensures that the new owners get their pick of the litter as well as allowing us to tailor the training to exactly what they would want.

Can anyone host a breeding female?

Breeding females are normally placed with past clients, friends or family; because we would like to know the family , before placing our females with them.

Do we like what we do?

No, we love it. It is amazing to work and train with high quality animals that you took part in creating. The process of taking a female through her testing, training , hoping you find a genetic match; and raising/training those puppies is very rewarding.

Want to know more? Feel free to call 814-790-2643.

Best Wishes,
Sheryl and Scott Sundean