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 For the family looking for a well mannered pet,we offer a variety of programs to meet our client’s unique lifestyles. From complete board and train programs that begin with a “learn to learn” puppy program to off-leash obedience, 30-day open breed courses, and private lessons for the at-home trainer.

Companion Programs:

​Companion Training includes :
* Crate trained and started on their house training
*  Have Formal  obedience; Here, Heel and Sit
* Fun retrieves on land and water
*  Comfortable in family settings
*  Exposure to high-stress environments
*  Exposure  to travel and vacation situations

Because we know that families are looking for a great dog with exceptional manners, we offer a unique Companion Dog Training Program.

Once our young students have mastered their formal obedience blocks, we start taking them on field trips to local parks, daycares, and anywhere we can introduce them to new sights and sounds. Our students become well-mannered, rounded individuals that take new situations in stride.
*Approximately 6 months of age

Advanced Companion Programs:

Advanced Companion training includes:
* Formal obedience of here, heel, sit
* Advanced obedience: extended sit /stays,  down /stays, off-leash recall
* Sit before and after going through doors
* Sit until released to eat
* Fun Retrieves on land and water
* Crate trained and started on their house training.
* Exposed to high-stress environments
* Comfortable in Family settings
* Exposed to travel and new terrain

If you are looking for more maturity and depth of training in your companion dog, perhaps Advanced Companion training is for you.

*Approximately 8 months of age

30 -60 day Programs:

Open Breed Obedience Camp includes :
* A foundation of here, heel, and sit
* Overall good manners
*Proper behavior around children and other animals
* Field trips to local parks and trips to town

If you want to have your dog trained but you don’t have the time to do it…we have our 30- 60 day obedience camp.