Planned Labrador Retriever Litters for 2024-2025

Last Updated: May 20, 2024

Our Breeding Program:
At Sundance Retrievers the human family is important. After we carefully select a female for breeding, she is raised with us and trained as a gun dog or companion dog. Once her training is complete, she leaves our home to go to her host family.

Upon confirmation of pregnancy, our breeding females return to our home to whelp the puppies. Once the puppies are weaned their mothers go home to their families . This practice provides our deserving females with wonderful lives .

We have selected top Irish, British and American field lines – as well as a champion hunting show line – to create three lines of gun dogs to better match your individual lifestyle:

* To create the Sporting Dog line we combine the drive and energy of the American field dog with the style of the Irish and British gun dog. The results tend to produce a dog that can be a dynamic hunting partner and active family companion. This type of dog loves to be active and involved with their family. They are happy to hunt on the weekends or go for a hike on mountain trail. During the work week, a dog from this breeding would enjoy a walk or two a day and a game of fetch.

* We use the time tested breeding of Irish and British field dogs to produce the Classic  Dog line. This type of pairing yields a young dog that typically has more of an ” off switch”. A pup from a Classic Dog Litter, can be a great field partner and home companion. They are softer in personality, easy to get a long with and may have less energy demands than a Sporting  Dog.

* We combine Irish/British field lines with hunting show lines that tend to yield remarkably calm and intelligent dogs . The Gentle Dog line is bred with therapy and companion pets in mind. From this pairing, we look to create a quiet young dog that looks for direction and wants to be with you.

At Sundance Retrievers, we are focused on providing our clients with the highest quality Labrador Retrievers and promise that all of the dogs in our breeding program are:

* AKC DNA certified
* AKC registered
* OFA Eye Certified
* Have a OFA Score rated either good or excellent; and/or a PennHip of 50% and higher
* Tested for : Centronuclear Myopathy ( CNM), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC),Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK), Progressive Retinal Atrophy ( PRA-PRCD), Progressive Rod- Cone Degeneration (PRCD), Retinal Dysplasia (DRD1), Oculoskeletal Dysplasia 1 ( OSD1) and Skeletal Dysplasia(SD2).

​In addition, they will have a strong working pedigree and temperaments that are graded against the AKC Canine Good Citizen standard.

We accept deposits for Trained Companions, Working Dogs, and  Gun Dogs from all upcoming litters. The deposit to reserve your pup and training program is $500.00. Please contact us for more details.

Due to the high demand for our trained dogs, we no longer sell eight-week-old puppies.

Occasionally, we may sell one or two Head Start puppies from a litter. Head Start puppies go home at approximately three to four months of age, crate trained, and introduced to basic obedience. Head Start Puppies are $5,500.00.
​Any Head Start puppies currently available would be listed on our Dogs For Sale page as a Head Start Puppy.

Bonnie x FTCH Tullyah Jasper, born May 13, 2024. Two yellow females and three yellow males are available.

Sire: FTCH Tullyah Jasper
( FTCH Birdsgreen Cluedo of Wedgnok x Mandrake Anya of Highwalk)
BVA Hips 0/0, BVA elbows: 0/0 BVA Eyes: Clear


Dam: Bonnie
(FTW Apollobay Crimson King x Grayhavens Nevermore SH)
OFA Hips: Good OFA Elbows : Normal, OFA Eyes: Certified
Pennhip Right DI: 0.47, Pennhip Left DI:0.47​

Looking for your next companion or service dog? Look no further then the Bonnie x Diesel litter.  We look for this litter to be calm, easy going and directable. They would excel as comfort k-9s and started service dogs. A pup from this litter will be around 50-60lb when full grown.

Available as a :
Head start puppy: $5,500 ready end of June 2024, Companions: $7,750 ready September 2024, Advanced companions: $9,750 ready November 2024 ,Working dogs:$10,000 +

Maggie x OFTW Flashmount Tenor of Tagabea, due May 20, 2024, a litter of all chocolate Sporting Dogs
Sire: OFTW Flashmount Tenor of Tagabea
( FTW Grangemead Pluto x Flashmout Guilder)
BVA Hips: 3/3 BVA: 0/0 BVA Eyes: Certified


Dam: Maggie
( FTW Sweeps Standing Oak  x Sundance’s Duff)
OFA Hips: Good, OFA Elbows: Normal, OFA Eyes: Certified
Pennhip : Right DI = 0.47  Left DI = 0.44,

Searching for a unicorn? Dark chocolate in color, that loves to retrieve, go for hikes and melts into you when you pet them? A repeat breeding from last year, The Maggie x Tenors, are fast learners, eager to anticipate the next right choice and want to be with you. They would be great as family pets, comfort k-9s, service dogs and gun dogs. A pup from this litter will be about 60lb when fully grown.

Available training programs:
Companions: $7,750 ready November  2024, Advanced companions: $9,750 ready January 2025 ,Working dogs:$10,000 +

Millie  x FTCH Tullyah Jasper, due Fall  2024, a litter of yellow and black Classic  Dogs

Sire: FTCH Tullyah Jasper
( FTCH Birdsgreen Cluedo of Wedgnok x Mandrake Anya of Highwalk)
BVA Hips 0/0, BVA elbows: 0/0 BVA Eyes: Clear 


Dam: Millie
(In. FTCH Beileys Aguzannis Of Fendawood x FTW Fowlersmoon Tipple By Olivertash)
OFA Hips : Excellent, OFA Elbows: Normal, OFA eyes: Certified

Bred with therapy and service careers in mind, a pup from this litter will be calmer, biddable and easy to work with. A pup from this litter should be around 50-60lb when fully grown.

Available Head start puppy: $5,500, Companions: $7,750, Advanced companions: $9,750, Working dogs:$10,000 +

Looking for a dog that is already in training ? Please see our Dogs For Sale page.

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Kelly Ambrogio
Kelly Ambrogio
My family and I recently welcomed Giorgia into our family and we could not be happier. She was trained as an advanced companion and is quite frankly the calmest and most gentle labrador we've ever met. Yet she also loves to play and have fun too! We have a 2.5 year old and a 5 month old and it's like Georgia knows to be extra cautious around them and on her best behavior. And her leash training is exceptional! Sheryl was a pleasure to work with and was extremely easy to communicate with. We also greatly appreciate the training videos we received to reinforce what Giorgia has been working on. We highly recommend Sundance!
Melanie Nave
Melanie Nave
Our experience with Sundance Retrievers has been nothing short of exceptional. We recently welcomed Piper into our family and she is unbelievably well-behaved, which is a testament to the dedication and expertise of Sheryl in training her dogs. Sheryl herself has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She's been incredibly helpful and communicative, readily addressing any questions or concerns we've had along the way. Piper has quickly stolen our hearts, and we couldn't be happier with our decision to bring her into our lives. Thanks to Sheryl and Sundance Retrievers, we have found a furry companion who brings joy and love into our home every day. We wholeheartedly recommend Sundance Retrievers to anyone seeking a loving and well-trained companion dog.
Sandra Preiss
Sandra Preiss
Sundance was amazing in identifying a puppy with the temperament to be trained as a service dog. Every part of our experience was amazing. Sheryl is insightful, knowledgeable, patient, and reassuring. We continued our dog’s service training with a second trainer who was excited to learn about our breeder as we have a very young, very responsive psychological service dog! I cannot sing our praises loud enough about Sundance Retrievers! Valentina sends her love.
Michael Morano
Michael Morano
I have lived with six Labradors over the last 32 years, and I can't recommend Sundance Retrievers highly enough. I worked with Sheryl to select a pup to be trained as an Advanced Companion back in March of 2023, and I picked him up a few days ago. His breeding and training are both fantastic. The entire team at Sundance has been incredible to work with. I am already thinking about my next Lab from Sundance. PS: It has now been a month of living with Otter. Things Otter does very well: He is calm and curious when encountering new things He comes when called. He heels on lead. He sits and stays on command. He enters his crate willingly and happily He wags his tail constantly He is a friendly, happy, pleasant companion that is a joy to live with. Things Otter does NOT do: He doesn't surf the kitchen counters He doesn't beg at the table when we eat He doesn't jump when greeting people He doesn't steal food He doesn't get up on the furniture or beds He doesn't chew the furniture Sundance did a great job training him. The most important thing Sundance did is that Otter is easily TRAINABLE by me. I can't recommend them highly enough. Communication with Sheryl Sundean and her team has been excellent! PPS...It is now November 30, 2023 and Otter has been with us for 4 months. He is delightful; a happy, loving and very trainable Lab. He is very easy to handle, and loves to please. He is very engaging with humans, and content to be very active outdoors and calm inside the house. My wife loves him and he just adores her back. He is very respectful of our 11 year old senior dog, and they have become great friends. Sheryl and her team at Sundance did a great job breeding and training him. She is always available to guide me and answer any questions I have.
Connie Prince
Connie Prince
I purchased my handsome boy Rory from Sundance Retrievers and after what seemed like forever, brought him home a couple months ago.. Rory was trained as an advanced companion pup, and while his training needs reinforcement everyday, he came to us well adjusted comfortable, and energetic to practice his training. Sundance is a well run, beautiful facility with loving devoted trainers. Rory is the 4th lab we have owned (the other 3 not from Sundance) and as a result of his training and socialization has easily settled into our family. With all that said, I did miss the early snuggles, Thank you Sheryl!
John Stanford
John Stanford
My wife and I have had 4 lovely rescue Labs since 1987. When our last Lab passed in Nov. 2022 we decided to make a puppy part of our family. Not knowing anything about training a puppy I searched and found that Cheryl from Sundance Retrievers, sells Started pups. After my discussions with Cheryl we signed a contract for Bessie the black lab. Cheryl gave us lots of information to prepare for our new arrival. We received images and notes about her progress. We picked her up on May 2023 and brought her home to Rhode Island. I have to say she just the sweetest well bred pup, and smart as a whip. She turns 1 year old on November and we couldn't be happier. Thank you Cheryl for turning out my little friend.
Matt Mead
Matt Mead
We have used Sundance Retrievers for both hunting/guiding and private training for our two rescue dogs. I cannot say enough good things about Sheryl and her staff. They are very kind, friendly and knowledgeable. The dogs they’ve brought to my bird hunts and duck hunts are top notch and exceed expectations with their performance, retrieving every bird that they possibly can and flushing each bird they find expertly. They are well trained dogs and would highly recommend them to everyone. For the private training Sheryl was able to get our 14 year old puppy to not only stop pulling us on the lead during walks but walk very calmly at our side and look to us for guidance on the walks. Our newest 1 year old puppy is a work in progress and she’s made incredible progress working with Sheryl. She went from being a stray who never walked on a lead, to walking perfectly at heel since working with Sheryl, I can’t wait to advance her training with Sherly and Sundance. They are a top notch organization and I would highly recommend them.
Chris Laraway
Chris Laraway
We can’t recommend Sheryl & Sundance Retrievers enough! She was incredibly insightful throughout the entire process and has shown commitment to stay engaged with us. The pups coming from Sundance carrying a tremendous pedigree and make for top notch companions. We picked Mac up 3 months ago and he has quickly become a cornerstone of our family. He is well adjusted to toddler life and is up for any adventure! A true “turn-key” dog. The responsibility is on us to ensure he stays on track with his training and temperament. If you are considering a dog from Sundance Retrievers, GO FOR IT!