Planned Labrador Retriever Litters​ for 2023-2024

Last Updated: December 10, 2023

Our Breeding Program:
At Sundance Retrievers the human family is important. After we carefully select a female for breeding, she is raised with us and trained as a gun dog or companion dog. Once her training is complete, she leaves our home to go to her host family.

Upon confirmation of pregnancy, our breeding females return to our home to whelp the puppies. Once the puppies are weaned their mothers go home to their families . This practice provides our deserving females with wonderful lives .

We have selected top Irish, British and American field lines – as well as a champion hunting show line – to create three lines of gun dogs to better match your individual lifestyle:

* To create the Sporting Gun Dog line we combine the drive and energy of the American field dog with the style of the Irish and British gun dog. The results tend to produce a dog that can be a dynamic hunting partner and active family companion. This type of dog loves to be active and involved with their family. They are happy to hunt on the weekends or go for a hike on mountain trail. During the work week, a dog from this breeding would enjoy a walk or two a day and a game of fetch.

* We use the time tested breeding of Irish and British field dogs to produce the Classic Gun Dog line. This type of pairing yields a young dog that typically has more of an ” off switch”. A pup from a Classic Gun Dog Litter, can be a great field partner and home companion. They are softer in personality, easy to get a long with and may have less energy demands than a Sporting Gun Dog.

* We combine Irish/British field lines with hunting show lines that tend to yield remarkably calm dogs that can hunt. . The Occasional Gun Dog line is bred with therapy and companion pets in mind. From this pairing, we look to create a quiet young dog that looks for direction and wants to be with you. 


At Sundance Retrievers, we are focused on providing our clients with the highest quality Labrador Retrievers and promise that all of the dogs in our breeding program are:

* AKC DNA certified
* AKC registered
* OFA Eye Certified
* Have a OFA Score rated either good or excellent; and/or a PennHip of 50% and higher
* Tested for : Centronuclear Myopathy ( CNM), Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC),Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK), Progressive Retinal Atrophy ( PRA-PRCD), Progressive Rod- Cone Degeneration (PRCD), Retinal Dysplasia (DRD1), Oculoskeletal Dysplasia 1 ( OSD1) and Skeletal Dysplasia(SD2).

​In addition, they will have a strong working pedigree and temperaments that are graded against the AKC Canine Good Citizen standard.

We accept deposits for Trained Companions and Gun Dogs from all upcoming litters. To reserve your Gun Dog or Trained Companion, please Contact Us.

Due to high demand for our trained dogs, we no longer sell puppies or untrained dogs.

Occasionally, however, we sell one or two Head Start puppies from a litter. Head Start puppies go home at approximately three – four months of age, crate trained and introduced to basic obedience. Head Start puppies sell for $5,500.00.
​ Any Head Start puppies currently available would be listed in our Dogs For Sale page as a Head Start Puppy.

Bonnie  x FTW Tweedshot Titus Litter.  Born November 7,2023. A litter of yellow and blacks from our Classic Line. Males and females available.

Sire: FTW Tweedshot Titus
Sire: NORD FTCH Tasco Brimstone
Dam: FTW Tweedshot Mango
( ENG. FTCH Craighorn Bracken x Tweedshot Estelle)
DOB: 4 /12/2009   
OFA Hips: Excellent OFA Elbows: Normal BVA Hip Score: 4/3 Elbows: 0/0 Eyes: Normal
OSD1: Clear, SD2: Carrier

Sire :FTW Apollobay Crimson King
Dam: Greyhavens Nevermore SH
DOB: 11/30/2021

OFA Eyes : Certified. OFA Hips: Good OFA Elbows : Normal 
​Pennhip Right DI: 0.47, Pennhip Left DI:0.47




Maggie x OFTW Flashmount Tenor of Tagabea Litter. Born November 14,2023. A litter of  chocolate pups from our Sporting line. Males and females available.

Sire: OFTW Flashmount Tenor of Tagabea
( Grangemead Pluto x Flashmount Guilder )
BVA Hips: 3/3 BVA: 0/0 BVA Eyes: Certified
” Maggie  “
Sire: FTW Sweeps Standing Oak 
Dam : Sundance’s Duff
DOB: 11/13/2020

OFA Hips: Good  OFA Elbows: Normal
    OFA Eyes: Certified, Pennhip : Right DI = 0.47  Left DI = 0.44,  




Annie  x Sundance’s Mister Incredible SH Litter. Due December  2023. A litter of  black pups from our Classic Line

Call Name: Jack
(HRCH Beren of Tol Galen SH x Brea)

( Nessies Son of Beech Dillon MHU x HRCH Greyhavens Aisling)
DOB: 05/20/2019
OFA Hips: Good OFA Elbows: Normal OFA Eyes: Certified
Pennhip : Right DI : 0.48 , Left DI : 0.50 Pedigree
(FTCH Tamrose Aragon x Ardnahoe Cheeky Chick At Ballingown)
DOB: 07/26/2018

OFA Eyes : Certified. OFA Hips: Good OFA Elbows : Normal




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