Apps for your dog is a bit misleading since your dog won’t actually be using the apps. ((ha)) But these apps are great for increasing the quality of life for your dog and making some things a little simpler for you! Happy dog, happy human!

Think about even just 20 years ago if you wanted to travel with your dog! It could be so hard to find a dog friendly hotel. And if you took your dog to another city, it could be difficult to find things like dog parks. If you left your dog at home, you were likely looking for a sitter on some bulletin board and would have no idea if they were someone you could trust. That has all changed in the day of apps.

And it might seem ridiculous, until you dig into what we’ve found here. Why not make things easier for you when you can? Just like any app, it’s about the user’s experience so not everyone will need or delight in the same things, of course. We’re sharing a variety of apps here and maybe one or two out of all of these will meet some current needs you have.

A lot of these apps are free (most, actually) and most are available for Android and iPhone. Doing a simple search on your phone will bring up even more options. (And as always, we aren’t getting anything from these app creators for writing about their apps. We’re only interested in bringing good stuff to you and your dogs.)

Active dogs

BringFido is a great overall app for traveling with your dog. You can look up dog friendly hotels, restaurants, events, and more.

On AllTrails you can find dog friendly hiking and walking. (Not all are, so keep that in mind and also be mindful of local leash laws wherever you go.)

BarkHappy is another all around app through which you can find events and activities but also? Other dogs! It’s almost like a dating app but for doggie play dates. You can also host your own events off of this app.

Healthy dogs

From the Pet Desk app you can make appointments, keep track of your dog’s health and vet records, and even get insurance quotes.

With Pet Coach you have access to online vets 24/7 and can chat about anything that is concerning you.

If your dog gets into anything strange, you can check this online toxicity catalogue, PupTox.

Happy dogs

Pup-to-Date is a great app especially if you’re a new dog owner. You can track behaviors, potty breaks, vet visits, and set reminders for yourself to do things like regular training. (Reminder: taking your new pup to an actual trainer is always a good idea. You can read about Sundance Retrievers puppy and dog training here.)

The Rover App is great if you travel a lot. You can book sitters (and dog walkers). You can even get photos of and updates about your dog while you’re away.

With Wag! you can find sitters and walkers and boarders that have all been background checked and are insured.

Like having a trainer in your pocket, Puppr has a built in clicker, instructions, and photos to help with training.

Dog Whistler is exactly what it sounds like — a dog whistle on your phone. You can choose from a variety of whistles.

Dog Translator is an app full of fun and silly games to play with your dog. It’s important to keep them not only physically engaged but also mentally!

Have you used any of these apps or others for your dog? What apps have you gotten a lot out of? And will you try any of these that are new to you? We’d love to hear!


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