Purchasing Birds, Photo Shoots and Field Trips:

Purchasing Birds for your Gun Dog or Companion : 

If you would like to purchase pheasants for your dog while it is training, please select the amount of bird and click on ” Add to Cart”.

Pheasants are $25.00 each ( traditional, buff, charcoal . mutes , roosters and hens.) This includes transport and guiding fees.

At checkout, please write your dog’s name in the message box.

Photo Shoot Form:

If you would like different/more pictures then your bi-monthly training/ Facebook pictures of your dog; please use the photo shoot option below.

Picture Requests cost $25.00 and is to be paid through PayPal when you order your photos ( please, do not send checks or other payments through the mail) and will be taken after the training day is finished. Please, only send one request at a time.

Picture Request details:
One picture request : 5-8 pictures of your dog taken at one time ( Please note: this is not a subscription. The 5-8 photos will be taken on the same day) Photos are taken, edited and emailed to you normally within a week. At Checkout, please write your dog’s name and style of picture in the message box.

Individual Field Trips :

Are you tired of your dog sharing the spotlight on field trips ? Would you like to see him/her going somewhere different or, of your own choosing?
Please use the field trip option below and we will take your dog on a field trip to a destination or, an experience of your choice with pictures included.
Individual field trips are $150.00,( payment is due when you send the request) must be within 1 hour drive time of our location and be pet friendly.

* Like photos, field trips will be taken after the training day is complete and will be schedule and weather dependent. At check out, please write your dog’s name and field trip destination in the message box.

Professional Photographer Services:

  If you want pictures  that are beyond the capabilities of a dog trainer and an iPhone please contact Jessica Brown. 
High Resolution images for regular-sized and over-sized prints will be provided. Images are downloadable through an online platform to maintain a large image size suitable for high quality printing.

If preferred, a flash drive is available for $15. This includes shipping. 
Additional images can be purchased with any package for an added fee. Packages include 1 hour of shooting time. There is no charge for a session extending past this time frame. Images will be available within 72 hours of the photo shoot.