Purchasing Leashes, Birds and Photo Shoots:


Introducing our leather dog training leash. Handcrafted with care and precision, this leash is made using high-quality 22-24 inches Herm Spranger metal working collars, ensuring durability and reliability in every walk. 


 This includes transport and guiding fees.

Photo Shoot 

Picture Requests cost $25.00 (5-8 pictures) and is to be paid through PayPal when you order your photos and will be taken after the training day is finished. Please, only send one request at a time.

Professional Photographer Services:

  If you want pictures  that are beyond the capabilities of a dog trainer and an iPhone please contact Jessica Brown. 
High Resolution images for regular-sized and over-sized prints will be provided. Images are downloadable through an online platform to maintain a large image size suitable for high quality printing.

If preferred, a flash drive is available for $15. This includes shipping. 
Additional images can be purchased with any package for an added fee. Packages include 1 hour of shooting time. There is no charge for a session extending past this time frame. Images will be available within 72 hours of the photo shoot.