Testimonials for Sundance Retrievers Hunting & Companion Labradors

A few words from our clients and friends. . .

“We decided to get a labrador because we currently have a yellow lab and wanted him to have a companion. We also wanted a well bred and trained dog. We had heard about Sundance from various sources and thats when we decided to call Sheryl. From day one she answered all our questions and the result speaks for itself. When Turk arrived at our house he was 6 months old as she companioned trained him. As you can see he is a beautiful chocolate lab with an unbelievable personality. We are more than happy with the whole experience Sheryl and Sundance provide. I never thought i would attach to him so soon but my wife and I have. He is a great dog whose is well behaved with exceptional instincts.I have had many dogs in my life and Turk is definitely one of the best. Thank you Sheryl for everything its been a joy.”- W. A.  Texas
‘After diligently searching for a reputable breeder and trainer, we picked Sundance and we could not be happier. Kirsch is an amazing puppy – beautiful, driven and so very smart.
​  We feel incredibly lucky to have found Sheryl and her team, and we would recommend them without reservation to anyone. In fact, when we take Kirsch on outings, we find ourselves doing just that! Thank you, Sheryl, so much for the care and time you devote to your program and these beautiful animals. ” M.R from South Carolina
“We feel so lucky that we discovered Sundance Retrievers!  We got our companion dog, Chance, when he was 15 months old and he is the new love of our lives!  They described his personality perfectly – a gentleman, sweet and well-mannered. We are so in love with him and he is truly the nicest dog you have ever met.  He is also incredibly handsome and we are constantly stopped and asked about him whenever we go out.  In just the short time we have had him (2 months), we have referred at least 2 people to Sundance.  Sheryl is so nice and easy to deal with and it is very clear she loves what she does and she loves her dogs. She responds quickly and it’s so nice to know she will always be there for us if we have any questions about Chance. We couldn’t be happier with our experience.” S.I and R.I from California 
“When I started my search for a lab breeder, I found a number of breeders that met my search criteria – British/Irish dams and sires with a diversified bloodline, genetic and joint testing, etc.… What set Sundance apart was the fact the overwhelming majority of their dogs are sold as started dogs (sporting or companion dogs). I thought that indicated a breeder who concentrated on the biddability of their dogs and I was not disappointed. Sheryl worked with me to get me the puppy, Clancy, that my wife and I were looking for.  He’s smart, calm, has a high desire to please, and, as a professional SAR dog trainer told me after doing an evaluation of him, “he is obviously the result of good breeding.” I highly recommend Sundance to anyone looking for a quality lab and/or trainer.” ~ C.C and Family from Colorado ​
“We took Boomer home about two years ago now and he has become an amazing part of our family. He has the best temperament, when we purchased him we were told he basically “melts” when you pet him, that ended up being 100% true. He’s perfect with our very young child and even our other pets!! Such a great boy!! Thanks for our amazing companion dog!!! ” ~ R.P from Flordia
“I purchased a gun dog from Sheryl in September of 2016.  When I first called her, I told her what I was looking for in a pup – both a family companion and a smart gun dog with a certain temperament.  We ended up deciding on a dog that had that certain temperament I was looking for.  This dog came 100% as advertised and our family could not be happier with him.  He is the calmest, smartest lab pup I’ve been around, and I could not imagine life without him now.  Sheryl was very responsive during the training period, and introduced him to everything that I asked for.  I highly recommend her as a breeder and trainer, and may just end up with two if we can find another one like Arlo!  Thanks for the great work Sundance Retrievers – 5 stars from a very happy gun dog owner.  “
D.L from North Carolina
“Hope all is well! Just sending an update about Birdie. She is truly the sweetest most loving little thing. We are so happy with her and wanted to thank you for doing such great work there at Sundance. Here are a few photos of her life here in Canada with her forever family.” ~ A. and J. Smith  from Canada
While hunting last year, I shot a Black duck that glided on to the meadow across from my set-up.  I had it marked, however, by the time I broke the boat loose and got across the ditch, the bird was gone.  Never again!
I started my search for a lab that day.  I spoke to numerous breeders, kennels and trainers regarding the type of wildfowl hunting that I do.  I described in detail my desires of a Lab that I was looking for.  A strong retriever that can cross and hunt large bodies of water (I hunt the New Jersey coast).  Also, just as important, the dog will be a family companion.  Well…Sheryl was the only trainer that would take the time to listen to me, and what I wanted.  She was spot on with Colt.  A pup with an “on/off switch”… in the field/boat ready to go, and in the house sleeping at your feet.  Sheryl and Scott just get it!

Before Colt came to live with us, there were visits and phone calls to Sheryl.  She encouraged me to come up to Erie and train with him which I did.  Every time I would leave with follow up questions, phone calls were made and answered every time… never going into voicemail.
So, if you are looking for a lab as a hunting partner and family companion, I strongly encourage you to speak with Sheryl at Sundance Retrievers.  
I could not be happier with my decision.  If you have any questions, have Sheryl give you my number.  ~ B.E  from New Jersey

“We just wanted to say thank you again for Cooper. He’s a wonderful addition to the family.He’s a very sweet and affectionate dog. Our last dog was a high-drive yellow lab as well….but was much more vocal. Cooper is so quiet I sometimes forget he’s there. I was concerned that meant he wasn’t going to have much drive. Not the case. He loves to train. He’ll retrieve anything I point him at. And if we’re outside and not training, he likes to grab my gloves and gardening tools and sit there holding them until I acknowledge and play with him. The only time we ever hear him bark is when he’s outside and barks at the kids to chase him. Outside of retrieving, chase seems to be his favorite thing to do.
He’s been progressing in the training program well, and picks up concepts easily. Yesterday, he was bringing a bumper back and a rabbit ran across his path. I was surprised he returned the bumper to hand. He usually really likes to chase them. Good focus. His house manners are very good…though I’ve been undoing them by letting him on the couch when my wife isn’t around.
We had him outside during the fireworks display. He didn’t seem to care at all. He also didn’t care when the house alarm went off. That said, he still doesn’t like when my wife vacuums. He goes to his safe space (the crate).
I had him fishing with me. We didn’t catch anything, but he liked the boat, and didn’t try to jump in the water. All-in-all, a good day.
I’m really looking forward to this fall hunting season. I’ll send a pic of his first Long Island duck.” P. G from Texas
“Getting a trained dog was a real ordeal for us. I am a now retired Captain from the Royal Canadian Air Force. Service injuries left me with a bad back, Major Depressive Disorder and PTSD. My wife and I decided a dog would help, but it needed to be trained since I really did not have the physical capability of doing it. The search started! I will not get into details, but by the time I contacted Sundance Retrievers, it was our third dog. The other two were sent back after a week at my expense because they were not as advertised. To tell you the truth, this was my last attempt. I had no idea finding an older, trained dog would be so hard. I did find one Lab in Canada that looked promising. He was seven years old and they wanted $8000 dollars for him. Nuff said.
I started looking in the States and immediately came upon Sundance Kennels. I called, and talked at length with Sheryl, who was very helpful and informative, and most of all, sensitive to my particular needs. She mentioned that Charlie would be a good choice because of his laid back, non-aggressive nature. Of course I did not need him for bird hunting. so Sheryl put him into companion training for approx 2 months before shipping him.
Well, Charlie is perfect! He is well mannered, listens perfectly, is house trained and leash trained; everything Sheryl promised he would be. My family is thrilled with him. My daughter mentioned that it was worth all the other problems with the other dogs just have Charlie!
My experience with Sheryl was terrific. She was patient with my barrage of (I am sure sometimes annoying) questions, and helpful at every turn. Now we have a 1 year old, beautiful (he is quite a looker), new member to our family. Charlie is happy with very little effort, and his training makes him a joy to have. I would highly recommend Sundance Retrievers and Sheryl Sundean. They have helped us more than they probably know”. ~ T and family from Canada
“Our most heartfelt thanks to Sundance Retrievers for our beautiful Reed. It is impossible to convey to you how grateful we are for her. She is absolutely amazing; in every single way.
We knew after the first phone call that Sundance Retrievers was going to be the best breeder-trainer for our needs. We had a unusual request; finding an obedient, docile, yet fierce leader for our chocolate lab that is going blind. We needed a companion dog, not only for our family, but for our beloved Louie. After talking with you for over an hour, you immediately had one of the female dogs in mind; depicting exactly what we needed. Well Sheryl, you couldn’t of picked a better fit for Louie. Reed is precisely what we were looking for. (actually she is more )
Reed is an absolute joy, is doing incredibly well with her continued training and best of all loves her new companion Louie. This little girl also loves to swim in addition to retrieve either bumpers or balls for hours. She loves lake living and is exuding confidence in all areas. Her playfulness has renewed Louie’s; he has never been more happy and content.
Finally, I would like to thank everyone at Sundance Retrievers. Collectively you did an amazing job with Reed. I will not only recommend Sundance Retrievers to my friends and family, I will be using them again!” ~ L.C from New Jersey 

Scott and Sheri nurtured, taught, tested ,guided  and most importantly trained us, the owners. As well as taught us alot about ourselves in this gratifying and rewarding process; in essence they never left our side.
They are simply the best I have been exposed to in this type of work and would without hesitation recommend them and only them to anyone interested and who can appreciate the unlimited pleasure and gratification  in owning a fine retriever whether it be for the home, the field  or both. ” ~ T.C From Texas

​”Gun dog Remi has been home in MN with us now for over a month and I can tell you our decision to get a hunting dog through Sundance Retrievers was one of the best decisions we’ve made. I can honestly tell you that I was nervous not knowing what we were getting into. 
We’ve had five hunting dogs (Labs & German Shorthairs) from puppy stage and well trained, but none of them ever went on walks as well as Remi does. Annette can take Remi for a walk and she doesn’t miss a beat. For the first time Annette is leading the dog, the dog isn’t leading Annette!
What can I say about Remi? She is lovable, content, friendly, fast and best of all obedient. We are still getting used to each other and I look forward to shooting birds over her this fall.
I have been spreading the word about our positive experience with Sundance Retrievers. I think the highest compliment for a business is sharing positive information, by word of mouth and this is exactly what Annette and I have been doing.
We give high praise to Sheryl and the Sundance Retrievers team!!”
~ J.S and A.S from MN
” We are thrilled that Sheri and Scott have finally launched their own kennel, Sundance  Retrievers, where they can develop the high quality, solid dogs that they are so committed to… on their own terms and in their own style.  We have no doubt that they will make a difference in the lives of many as they did for us with our Max. 
We first met Scott & Sheri 5 years ago when we brought Max to an Orvis endorsed Kennel to be trained as a hunting companion.  Max was a year old, had grown up in Manhattan, and had not been exposed much to the big outdoors.  He was panicky around any kind of water.  His first experience with a gun dog trainer didn’t go so well so by the time Scott and Sheri saw him, he was shut down and not ready for any kind of training. 
 Rather than labelling him as being “not field quality”, Sheri  took it upon herself to work with him:  she developed his confidence, got him comfortable with water, made him a happy and trusting dog.  Scott then not only trained him as a gun dog but also spent countless hours introducing us to the fundamentals of handling so that we could get the most out of our new Max. Scott is an extraordinary dog trainer who is equally adept with people!  
Since then, we have had four seasons of hunting with Max, primarily in Eastern upland preserves.  He is well paced, tireless and fearless in the field and has retrieved over two thousand birds with few lost.  Oh, and Max was trained to handle without a collar.
A year ago last July 2012,  we discovered the hunt test game.  Since then, we have qualified in 4/4 Hunter and 4/5 Intermediate tests in NAHRA, titling in both.  We have run 6 Senior AKC tests, titling after 5 and  qualified in all.  This sort of success could never have happened without the foundation that Sheri and Scott imprinted on both dog and handler.
We have kept in touch with Scott and Sheri socially over the years, visiting them, they visiting us, hunting together.  Each time we see them, they have yet another troubled client’s dog that, at their own initiative with no additional compensation, they have taken upon themselves to rehabilitate.  As employees, they were extraordinary.  Now embarking on their own venture, we have no doubt that they will have endless numbers of thrilled clients and we wish them all the success that they deserve.
Call them.  Speak with them about your needs.  It will not take long to realize how knowledgeable and committed they are to providing top dogs to the right people.  Best wishes to all “
K. C..L. and J. P.  from NYC and Ithaca, New York
Maxwell Edison of Liverpool (call name “Max”)

” Our family selected Sundance Retrievers for the purchase of our dog ( Bella ). 
Bella came to us at 6.5 months and the rest is history!  Our Bella was not only trained perfectly she is also the calmest, sweetest dog in the world. We have had a bad experience before with a different Breeder. Taking Bella home was like getting a new member of the family with no training to do. 
Sheryl and her team couldn’t be better. She and her staff really know what they are doing. I called several times to ask questions and get advice. Sheryl always answered happily!  In my opinion I would only recommend Sundance. Our Bella is beautiful and just so easy!!! “
~ D. M MN 

“We sent our lab mix puppy to obedience camp with Sheryl and Scott, who were recommended by a friend. Our experience was very satisfying. From the moment I first called Sheryl, she was very informative and answered all of our questions. She kept us updated on the puppy’s progress and even took time to send us pictures. It was a good experience for us and the puppy as she took time to train all of us. We would recommend them to anyone that needs obedience training for their dog”. ~  C.B. Erie, Pa
 ” I was looking for a trainer-breeder that could demonstrate good lineage and breeding coupled with solid training. I also wanted a dog that was both trained in obedience and a finished gun dog. That’s a tall order let me tell you and there are very few places that offer all of that. Further, many breeders/trainers are not equal and unfortunately, in this industry its rife with people that just want to sell dogs and make money.
Miraculously I came across Sundance Retrievers and called Sheryl and we had a long talk. She sold me on their program and I selected a dog and Sheryl took over. I contacted her weekly and in fact we became (and remain) good friends. I cannot say enough about the quality of their breeding, kennel environment and training. They produce outstanding dogs and their training is world class.  I have had my dog home for several weeks and he is everything that I could have hoped for. 
Sheryl has my contact info and if any perspective buyer wants a reference I am happy to speak with you directly.” ~ S.M Canada
My wife and I recently had the pleasure of buying our puppy (Emma) out of the Lyla/ Paddy litter from Sheryl and Scott at Sundance Retrievers. We couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. Before I even talk about our puppy I have to explain how amazing it was to work with Sheryl and Scott. This was the first time I purchased a puppy with the intent of training her specifically for waterfowl hunting so I wasn’t sure how to go about it. After reading plenty of articles in magazines and online forums I had a good idea what I should be looking for, but I thought it would be next to impossible to find a breeder who was able to meet all of these qualifications. For several weeks I thought I was right until a friend of mine recommended I give Sundance a call. Well after a 2-hour phone conversation with Sheryl I was certain this was the place I needed to get my dog from. The only problem was convincing my wife that I “needed” to spend this amount of money on a dog. After some lengthy discussions about how the dog will have a great pedigree, be certified and cleared of all major health issues I won her over with the classic puppy pictures on their website.
Once we decided to buy our puppy Sheryl kept us up to date 100% through Lyla’s entire pregnancy with email, text/ pictures messages, and phone calls. When it came time to pick up our puppy we drove out to pick her up and got to meet Scott, Sheryl and all their dogs. The facility was so clean, and well kept you could really tell they have a passion for their animals, and take a lot of pride in them. Once home Emma instantly won the heart of our 4 year old rescued Lab and they have been inseparable ever since. Emma has what was described to me as the light switch quality. When just laying around the house she is so calm and quiet you wouldn’t know she is here, but when its time to work she is ready. For someone hunting in a cramped duck blind this is essential. 
I have spent this spring and summer training Emma and it has been a breeze. She quickly picks up on lessons and is always eager to learn. At 6 months old she has no problem busting into the brush and bringing back a full size mallard. I can’t wait to take her out some this season and let her try a few retrieves. Just the other day my wife said, “Emma was worth every penny”, and I totally agree. If you are looking for top-notch dogs from a great breeder look no further. I will recommend Sheryl and Scott to anyone who asks where to get a great gun dog.  ~ M.C from New York
” Even taking time after the loss of our beloved Champ, 13-year-old lab, I promised myself I would not get another dog! That was it! I was done. However, we soon recognized our family needed another companion and my husband needed another strong hunting dog to accompany him in the field. Due to current circumstances, we  could not train the dog ourselves so began the search for a breeder and trainer. That is when Sundance Retrievers came into our life! From the first conversation with Sheryl, the various follow-up calls, emails, and texts we found ourselves excitedly driving to Erie, PA to pick up our new dog Copper. Copper is a fully trained, seasoned hunting dog and an absolute BEAST in the field! Sheryl promised us Copper would be great in the field and he is sooo much more.

“We sent our 7 month old Chocolate Lab named Ozzy off to Sheryl and Scott for 6 weeks of Obedience camp. Cannot say enough about the results and how they run a first class operation! We have told many, and continue to tell other dog owners of how we are blessed to have world class dog trainers with such a great facility in our own backyard. We highly recommend anyone who is looking to train their dog simply as a family pet or hunting dog to call on Sundance Retrievers!” –  T.H  from Erie Pa


In the field, he is a solid, focused, strong hunting machine. We’ve never seen a dog work and behave so accurately in the field. Copper came home with us and demonstrated  exceptional obedience skills and our other dog adjusted easily to having a new dog in the house. I have to admit, my husband and I are pretty picky people regarding dogs we have and trainers we work with. From the very beginning, Sundance Retrievers earned our respect and we had complete confidence in how they were caring for and training Copper. Sheryl would always quickly respond to any questions, knew everything about Copper, and kept us up to date on what she was working on with Copper. She treated us like we were the only dog-parents she was working with. Copper has been with us now for just over a month and I can’t imagine our life without him. At home, he is fun, plays and cuddles. Then you take him to the field and he flips the switch and goes into the serious hunter mode. My husband also takes him on home visits to the elderly and Copper’s solid obedience skills allows him to do well with all sorts of new smells and sounds. 

If you are looking for a dog, don’t waste your time surfing the internet or searching your state. Call Sheryl, tell her the kind of dog you would like, or talk to her about what you need, and you will be a happy dog owner.” ~​A.B and M.B from Missouri 

“Scott and Sheri  asked about my expectations, explained how they would be training Quincy, recommended reading materials for me, and continually communicated with me about the progress of Quincy. It is very rare when someone gives you their e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers and tells you to call, text, or write with any questions or to just stay in touch. What is even rarer is for a dog trainer to send you progress reports and pictures of your dog on a frequent basis. So, what is the result of their training of Quincy? One of the best dogs I could ever hope for. 
 In addition to being exceptional trainers, they are exceptional people. ”    ~  M.G From Ohio



As a first time dog owner living in a big city, I wanted to make sure I did everything right when it came to picking a dog. My experience with Sheryl and the Sundance team has far exceed my expectations. Sheryl helped guide me through the process and now Zig and I are enjoying every second we spend together. He is by far the best looking, best behaved dog around, and, thanks to Sheryl, Zig has the temperament and communication skills that will allow us both to succeed and get the most out of any situation. During the breeding/training process Sheryl was available for questions, advice and encouraged me to be involved. Thank you again Sundance! I’m already thinking about getting Zig a companion of his own!  ~ D.P from South Carolina

“Sundance Retrievers was like a serendipitous miracle for us and our dog. 
Our now 2-year-old gun dog Jackson has turned around completely and fully recovered from his bad first year at a different breeder/trainer.
We had purchased a lab from a breeder/trainer who claimed not to use the “heeling stick” at all but who deceived us in several ways.
 Once we realized Jackson had had very little training in that first year, and saw the owner using the heeling stick harshly and excessively until the dogs literally were groveling at his feet, we knew we had to get a different trainer. By that time Jackson was very fearful of most if not all males. 
We searched online and happened to come across Sundance and it was truly the best luck we could possibly have. On our very first visit there, Jackson warmed up quickly to both Sheryl and Scott, and his progress from then on was strong and steady
We visited frequently and they always welcomed us, gave us obedience classes, and accommodated our schedule, always making us feel like part of their family. The property there is huge and beautiful, the kennels are clean and comfortable, the dogs get lots of attention and Sheryl’s method is the perfect balance of kind but firm. Jackson flourished there and is now a finished gun dog, and is very confident, well-mannered, and affectionate.
 People tell us constantly how friendly and well-behaved he is. Sundance completely won us over, and I doubt you could find a better place to buy or train a dog. ~ B and B from New York
“My wife and I have been blessed with four extremely wonderful dogs over the years. Three black labs and an Australian Shepard. We lost our last dog to heart failure three weeks before Cash arrived. You have supplied us with a perfect dog. When we first spoke with you a year ago I was not sure how we could get a dog that would meet our expectations since we have had so many wonderful dogs in our lives. You not only met our expectations you exceeded them. Cash walks on her leash, sits for you to remove the leash, sleeps all night in her create quietly, does not jump on the furniture, plays calmly with our five year old daughter, does not beg at the table, and comes when you call her name. Thank you so much for the newest part of our family. I would recommend Sheryl and Sundance Retrievers to anyone looking for an exceptional dog.”  C.C from Virginia 


“I have worked with both Scott and Sheri now for almost two years and I have to say that their combined years of experience, knowledge, and training capabilities make a top quality canine breeder and training business that rises to a high standard.  Both Scott and Sheri are very knowledgeable and skilled in their trade.  Additionally, they care for each dog as if it is their own and train each as if it will be their personal companion and hunting partner.  
Scott and Sheri have worked with my chocolate lab, Tippet, for two years now and I have to say that he is one of the most well-mannered dogs I have ever come in contact with.  The training he has received with them has been remarkable and I would recommend them to anyone.  We live in North Carolina; however, if I ever have questions regarding issues we are having or in need of tips for training, both are readily available and ready with suggestions.  
This summer my family and I purchased a black lab, Black Jack, from Sundance Retrievers.  Jack is of a strong pedigree and he displays a high drive to work hard and perform well.  He has had all of his formal obedience blocks and his beginning hold blocks, and in working with him I am confident that combined with the superior training that Scott and Sheri provide, and his strong pedigree, that he will go on to be a fine companion and hunting dog.”

~K.H. in North Carolina

“It has been one week, and I just wanted to take the time to tell you again what an amazing dog Honey is. She is clearly a testament to the incredible job you do in breeding and training. This short time I’ve had with her has been an absolute pleasure due to the skill sets you’ve taught her. I’m so overwhelmingly pleased and truly happy with her as my new companion. Thank you so much again for this invaluable gift. ” – J.K  from Florida 
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