There are cats here, normal ones that do cat things… and then there is Mary. If you have visited here, then you have most likely met her. She is black in color, small in size, persistent in personality, doesn’t take no for an answer, and most recently moved into my office.

Now to be clear, there are two offices worth mentioning. Office number one is the main one, and there is no question; that’s Fred’s office. Big fellow, quite serious. He’s the original OG and quite the treat if you get the pleasure to learn about obedience from him (I like him. He is as awesome as me.)

The secondary office is mine ( fine, London’s too). I like the blue chair in it… I can watch all the comings and goings from the front window. It’s a perfect chair, as chairs go—soft, springy, and as dog-friendly as Tractor Supply until two nights ago, when Mary was let in.

There is a Mary in my chair, and the whole experience is ruined. She’s just in my chair. I’ve made my displeasure known with nasty looks, huffs, puffs, snorts, and snuffs to which she ignores and naps through.. but tonight, I won. I booped the Mary, with my nose and then jumped on the chair .

With Mary on one side, the human counterpart in the middle, and I on the other, we all shared the comfy chair in the office.

That’s all for now… I need to make sure the counterpart hasn’t let a goat in. You do know there are goats here, don’t you?

~ Tod ” The Gracious Sharer of the Chair.”