Greetings. Tod has taken the evening off.
Since we, Lilly, Rose, and Poppy, refuse to return to our lodgings without the proper offering of vanilla frosted animal crackers, we may as well impart some quality advice.
While Tod considers himself an expert on all things Labs and London, a self-taught professional chewer of bones, we have been quietly observing the human and dog interactions for some time. We thought that perhaps it is now appropriate to leave you with something to ruminate.
We have noticed, in general, that some humans “goat” better than they “dog”. When one greets a goat, they are usually polite by allowing us to sniff curiously, neither grabbing us nor jumping up and down excitedly.
It is a comfortable introduction and lets us understand that you are well-behaved humans.
A dog should be greeted in the same manner as you would a respectable goat.
If you want your dog to believe you are well trained, refrain from grabbing and embracing her in the first moments of your introduction; save the jumping and squealing for when you arrive home and offer a good snack. These small tips will significantly improve your chances of a quality relationship from the onset of interactions with your new friend.
Unfortunately, our delightful time together has ended, as the young lad is on his way with a better offering of snacks. ~ Lilly, Rose, and Poppy ” The Esteemed Caprines of Sundance.”

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