Best dogs, best clients. Sure, we might be a bit biased but we think we have the evidence to prove our point.

We can’t do the work we love without clients, of course, but we really couldn’t do this work we love if we didn’t have the best clients. The care we take with breeding and training means we’re not going to send our dogs to just any home. So thank you. We appreciate our clients in ways that cannot be expressed fully here. We are profoundly grateful for the good humans who come our way and leave with our great dogs.

best dogs, best clients

And just to show what kind of humans are integrating our dogs into their lives, we want to share a few recent testimonial stories, including one in which we got to help someone with their grief:

My wife and I have had 4 lovely rescue Labs since 1987. When our last Lab passed in Nov. 2022, we decided to make a puppy part of our family. Not knowing anything about training a puppy, I searched and found that Cheryl from Sundance Retrievers sells Started pups. After my discussions with Cheryl, we signed a contract for Bessie the black lab. Cheryl gave us lots of information to prepare for our new arrival. We received images and notes about her progress. We picked her up on May 2023 and brought her home to Rhode Island. I have to say she is just the sweetest, well bred pup, and smart as a whip. She turns 1 year old on November and we couldn’t be happier.

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Another story in which we got to help with a new service dog:

Sundance was amazing in identifying a puppy with the temperament to be trained as a service dog. Every part of our experience was amazing. Sheryl is insightful, knowledgeable, patient, and reassuring. We continued our dog’s service training with a second trainer who was excited to learn about our breeder as we have a very young, very responsive psychological service dog! I cannot sing our praises loud enough about Sundance Retrievers!

Another about a new family (and we like to think about these two growing up together):

We can’t recommend Sheryl & Sundance Retrievers enough! She was incredibly insightful throughout the entire process and has shown commitment to stay engaged with us. The pups coming from Sundance carry a tremendous pedigree and make for top notch companions.

We picked Mac up 3 months ago and he has quickly become a cornerstone of our family. He is well adjusted to toddler life and is up for any adventure! A true “turn-key” dog. The responsibility is on us to ensure he stays on track with his training and temperament.

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And finally, an example of our trained hunting dogs:

We have used Sundance Retrievers for both hunting/guiding and private training for our two rescue dogs. I cannot say enough good things about Sheryl and her staff. They are very kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. The dogs they’ve brought to my bird hunts and duck hunts are top notch and exceed expectations with their performance, retrieving every bird that they possibly can and flushing each bird they find expertly. They are well trained dogs and would highly recommend them to everyone. For the private training, Sheryl was able to get our 14 month old puppy to not only stop pulling us on the lead during walks but walk very calmly at our side and look to us for guidance on the walks. Our newest 1 year old puppy is a work in progress and she’s made incredible progress working with Sheryl. She went from being a stray who never walked on a lead, to walking perfectly at heel since working with Sheryl. I can’t wait to advance her training with Sheryl and Sundance. They are a top notch organization.

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If you want to read more stories like these, go here. We really do have the best dogs, best clients.