Human trends can be ridiculous (here is what people think is coming and a lot of it is just “no, thank you…”). But there are even silly dog trends.

When we say silly, we’re not being totally accurate because some of these trends just aren’t great for your dog. With that in mind, please always check with an expert (like your vet or trainer) when you’re thinking about big food changes or any kind of supplementation.

So here we go, silly dog trends and why you should ignore them.

Dog Clothing

Unless you’re walking in inclement weather, dog clothing is just not necessary. As always, take into account your own dog’s unique personality, but for the most part, dogs are happiest in the suits they were born in. Do they really need a different outfit for every day or for just hanging out at home?

(You can read more about walking your dog in bad weather here.)

silly dog trends

Salon Level Treatment

I mean, it’s like a joke, right? In some movie, there’s a nutty human who takes their poodle (why is it always a poodle?) to get their hair dyed, their nails done, and all sorts of accessories added. Just don’t. Firstly, hair dyes and nail polishes contain chemicals. And secondly, your dog doesn’t mind a good brushing and bath but that other stuff? Save it for yourself.

Fad Diets

Your dog has specific nutrition needs and does not need to be gluten free or, for goodness sake… vegan. Again, just don’t. Homemade pet food has also become a thing, and I can barely get my own dinner ready every single day so I’m not sure who has time to also do this for dogs. If you have time, great. But there’s a larger issue. Again, dogs have specific nutrition needs and pet foods are formulated to meet those, so you could be missing something that’s important to your dog’s health.

CBD is everywhere, including in pet aisles

Whenever you’re looking to add something that is supplemental to your dog’s routines, make sure to talk to your vet first. Why are you doing this, is the first question. You may assume your dog is suffering from anxiety but there could be something physical going on and you’re not helping. Get your dog a valid diagnosis to start.

Luxury Pet Accessories

I mean, even our dogs have to keep up with the Joneses now!? Simple is best. Because likely, at some point, your dog is going to ruin or wear out that pillow or that toy or that leash. And your dog doesn’t care about logos so why should you?

Pet Subscription Boxes

Really? You might get a kick out of the surprise of this box every month, but does your dog really care? Also, the items included may not align with your dog’s actual needs.

DIY Pet Healthcare

Along with the supplements, it’s never a good idea to diagnose and treat your dog in any circumstances. Vets go to school for a reason. And the internet has made it far too easy for people to think they are experts in areas where they’re absolutely not.

Pet Massage

While a basic pet massage is not a bad thing and can help with things like arthritis as they age, there are things being added that are not necessary and potentially dangerous. I’m referring to essential oils being used in diffusers to “relax” dogs. There are many oils that are actually toxic to dogs, whether used topically or inhaled. Stay aware. (This is good to remember in your own home.)

Dog Yoga

We’re not talking those cute yoga classes with puppies that need to be adopted just walking around and being adorable. Nope. There are people who actually think stretching their dogs is a good idea. Please stop. You can do damage to their joints.

Activity Trackers

Yep, people are buying these for their dogs. Really? I hear you saying. Yes, really. Just observe your dog. Be with them. Play with them. Take them for walks. Monitor their weight and mood. You don’t need anything digital to do that for you.

Have you noticed any silly pet trends lately? We’d love to hear!